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Default Re: nV News GTX 560 Ti Review - EVGA SuperClocked

Final thoughts

The GTX 560 Ti offers great performance. Priced at $250, the card offers enthusiasts greater performance over the HD5870 and GTX 470 in DirectX 11 applications. Furthermore, it offers better performance over the HD6870, which is priced competitively. On top of that, the card’s design offers great overclocking headroom, with some users reporting GPU speeds over 1000MHz. The card’s performance to power consumption ratio puts the card in a great position for NVIDIA to dominate the gamer’s “sweet spot” category. With more and more DirectX 11 applications being released all the time, the GTX 560 Ti is a great card for all those still using GeForce 400 and HD5000 series GPU’s to step up to.


I’d like to thank a few people for helping make this review possible. First a big thank you to Jacob Freeman and the guys at eVGA for supplying the card and a thanks to Bryan Del Rizzo at Nvidia for his quick response. I’d also like to thank nV News members Bearclaw and Imbroglio. Thanks to Bearclaw for loaning me the GTX 470 for the tests and thanks to Imbroglio for helping out with the benchmarks. Finally, I’d like to thank John Grabski for getting this review together and editing.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to come back when Nvidia releases their next card!

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