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Default Re: my gripe with windows 7

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
haha, well not really. Microsoft are just another greedy company I don't give money to by buying their products. Lucky for me, I have friends who work in IT, so I get OEM Windows to use for gaming and give no money to Microsoft. Win, win for me.
when win xp 64 bit oem hit the market, I was one of the 1st to buy. all I needed was a peripheral back then to make ms happy for the online retailer to sell it to me. I liked the idea of lower cost at 1st, but when I upgraded the video, I had to reactivate by phone. I ended up having to bs a ms guy telling him that my system integrator did it and I wasn't aware that oem copies are limited to the hardware installed with them. It worked and I win xp reactivated. But after that, I made sure my copies of windows were retail so I wouldn't end without a windows license. Pretty much scared me off of oem because of that.
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