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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
It'll probably be 1.5GB or 1.28GB as with the normal 580/570. That's of course per GPU so they can sell it as a 3GB card...

That'll work for most but those cards aren't really targeted for the 1920x1200 sector.

I just found out that the 3GB 580s will be available here in 2 weeks or so. Maybe we'll know more about the 590 by then but otherwise I'm getting the 3GB 580s.

Doubling the VRAM per GPU would be nice. For example two 570 with 2560MB per GPU. But something like that would probably require a Dual PCB card. I wouldn't mind that at all though
I have some thoughts on your posts in this thread. I have a 25X16 panel, a 5040X1050 surround set, and a 5760X1080 surround set, so VRAM and limitations have been on my mind lately.

This is by far the best resource I've found for seeing how much VRAM is used in 3 panel gaming. As you can see, for 5760X1200 4X AA the rumored 1.5GB per GPU of the GTX 590 is enough 95% of the time. This covers almost EVERYONE. Anyone with $3000 to buy three 25X16 panels should spend a bit more and get 2 X 3GB GTX580.

Kyle at H's review is "OK" as well, but I've never liked his "A-ha! One of these cards can run 8X AA at 24fps minimum! Superior!" stance. 8X AA IQ improvements are marginal at best, and his "playable" is where I'd turn off AA in exchange for more fps.

The other thing is the vast, vast majority of people aren't using multi panels, and for anyone who isn't, 1.5GB is more than enough. I'd like someone who thinks otherwise to show me a review where even a relatively rare 25X16 panel runs out of RAM at 1.5GB.

I just paid $580 to try out two GTX560 2GB card, and I already have a lot of video cards, so I am interested in this. However, I think the issue is WAY overblown since the release of the 6970 cards, usually by people who have no need of more than a GB of VRAM.

I know you have three 25X16 panels, and personally, I wouldn't buy anything but those 3GB 580s to drive them. 6970s are weak at DX11 comparatively.

The 3GB GTX580s are on sale at newegg now, and at $600 each your choice is clear and one dimensional in my opinion.
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