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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post

Try asking a question in a public channel and see what you get , read blizzards forum and deal with the selfappointed mini GM's that kiss blizzards ass every chance they get or play battlegrounds use the dungeon tool etc.A lot of people are elitist assholes in this game,you must play a different game or have half of your server on ignore to miss that fact.
What don't you understand about "vocal minority"? Trade chat is nothing but trolls on every server. You'll notice it's often the same several players each day. You think that is representative of a large portion of the player base? How long have you been playing this game? How long have you been using the internet? Sure there are a lot of elitist assholes, and for each one, there are many more normal people (and many times they're perfectly good players).

Originally Posted by sammy sung
Ignoring people helps to a certain extent but it doesn't affect what they are.If you play in a descent guild and have fun, good for you but as you seem to play this game more than the average (your post about playing level 85 heroics 3 days after the cata expansion release is a perfect example of that) your experiences will be different than mine.I have fun aswell but for different reasons, for me it's the company i keep while playing and not the game itself.How many times have you had to leave the trade channel because of the ANAL jokes for instance ? You can't ignore them all, it might be different on a US/aus server perhaps.
I play WoW 2 days a week - Wed and Thurs night, to raid. We raid 3 hours a night. That's six hours a week. Sometimes I'll log on to do a daily quest or level an alt a bit, but no more than 10 hours per week total played since the first week of Cata (when I did play a lot). When leveling alts I will run into non-guildies and random dungeon finder players, and most of the time they're successful runs. By the way it takes about 8-10 hours of played time to level from 80 to 85, not exactly a huge time investment.

I have never left trade channel or put another player on /ignore. I am a big boy and I can handle when people make ribald jokes or tasteless comments. I can take a total stranger criticizing me without it hurting my ego and making me emo-rage about it. I can enjoy this game despite the dregs of its player base because it's just a video game and there are plenty of fun things to do with it other than whine about the other people that play it.

I will not "agree to disagree" with you. It's your attitude that is causing all your problems, nothing more. Like I said, grow a pair, make some friends, and quit whining. You'll find the game is perfectly fun to play if you do. And, if you are just tired of playing WoW, cancel your subscription and don't play it. If your closest friends in the game are trade channel trolls, I wouldn't blame you for leaving.
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