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Default Can't believe ive just played this.

Wow what can i say!

I remember a couple of years ago i played Crysis in a friends house, Thought yeah it looks good but the game its self is pants, Anyway i wanted something to push my new 580 ..... Although i had played crysis before and didn't think much of of it i decided to give it another try ... I bought both Crysis & Crysis Warhead via steam just the other night.

Having installed natural mod v2.0.2, Silents High Resolution Foliage & Custom Crysis Config [CCC] v1.31 and also having forced x8 AA/AF via nvidia inspector the game look fantastic.

I'm hooked on this game, Not only does it look awesome but the game-play is great too ... Great story line, Great weapons/gadgets & the nanosuit is a really cool bit of kit!

I'm up to the lvl called Core so far ... Got Warhead installed ready for when i complete Crysis.

Oh does anybody know if the mods im using will run ok with Warhead?
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