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Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
I agree. 6970's by themselves aren't weak, and in Crossfire, they're pretty frikin good.

The GTX 580 is better, and it's more expensive. The GTX 570 is about the same as the 6970, but it can't drive more than 2 monitors by itself (compared to the 4 monitors a 6970 can drive). Also, 2GB framebuffer ensures that the cards can perform at high resolutions, especially in crossfire.

Come on Rollo... try harder.
Actually I think you guys are the ones who should try harder. Why on Earth would a guy who spent $3000 plus to have the best of best monitor set up settle for any cheap ATi stuff?

He's obviously not poor, so that rules out the "Jinkies I could save a few hundred bucks!" argument.

We all know that the 6970s aren't just slower at DX11, but they're slower at everything else, and it could well be that running 75X16 taxes a video card more than anything else would.

There are no VRAM use graphs for his res that I know of, but as higher res means higher VRAM use, it's probably safe to say that having 50% more VRAM per GPU on the 580s could conceivably have benefits.

No hardware accelerated physics for him with the 6970s, worse multicard drivers.

If you're think Slawter cares about saving $500 on graphics and is willing to compromise on perfromance and all of the above to do it, after spending $3K+ on monitors I don't know what else I can say.

A guy I work with put it well: When you buy the best thing of whatever it is you're buying, you never want anything else.
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