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Default Re: PS3 security hacked

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I doubt the fix was for the firmware hacking, it seems it was to help Black Ops ban cheaters since they did a mass ban just recently.
Seems that it was. A rootkit was discovered in the 3.56 firmware that allows sony to modify the firmware or detect homebrew apps and delete them remotely. Pretty sneaky. Basically sony has control of everything on your console and can change code on the fly without the user's consent.

I don't know why pirates would go online with their console anyways but now they may not want to in the future. This is good because console piracy needs to stay niche. The way it was with the first release of this anybody could update their firmware and start playing their pirated games in online matches and if it stayed that way piracy would be the ENTIRE ps3 market.

If you pirate your games you shouldn't be able to play online. period. I'm surprised how many people play their consoles JUST for online play..the percentage is huge. I've had an xbox live account for 2 years and never once played a multiplayer game. I forget to cancel it before it renews for another year...DAMN YOU MICROSOFT.
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