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Default Re: gtx590 release?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
I don't comment on articles by Hardware Heaven, SemiAccurate, or AMDZone- because the bias always has been, and always will be there.

I'm talking about the 3gb GTX580s by Gainward and Palit, not the 1.5GB ones. If you think a pair of 6970s will out perform them, well, sucks to be you I guess.

You're basically comparing a Hyundai to a BMW, and yelling "He might want to save money!".

You're comparing a $600 card to a $380 card? What have you been smoking lately?

Discrediting my evidence simply because you think those sites are AMD biased? What about all the other sites that are Nvidia biased? It works both ways, bud. You seriously think that because you don't like the site that you can suddenly throw the evidence out? Nope, doesn't work that way. The site is credible, and the evidence is the results of testing in a controlled setting that is designed to NOT play favoritism toward one brand or another. You want to play Nvidia fanboy? That's fine. I could care less about all the hardware you get for painting your face green, and then getting on these forums and making yourself look like God's gift to the internet simply because you get free hardware. What a sorry life you live.

And then you use evidence from as your rebuttal? And you're STILL comparing a $600 card to a $380 card. If the $600 card doesn't win, something is wrong. Too bad Nvidia's reference board doesn't have 3GB of memory. Otherwise, it might have been the champ in multi-GPU. Instead, it ties in some cases, and flat out loses in others to a less expensive card from a company that you like to call the Hyundai of video card manufacturers. News flash... there's only 2 major competitors in this segment. Your logic is flawed to the point of near insanity if you think that is accurate. A more reasonable comparison might be Audi vs. BMW. Funny enough, Audi's new A4's seem to have stolen the show from BMW's 3 series.

If AMD is so much LOWER than Nvidia at the moment, why does AMD have the 2 top cards in the DX11 category? In fact, AMD has a lot more DX11 cards than Nvidia. From what I can tell, that means AMD controls the market at the moment. Funny how times change. Nvidia won DX10, but AMD is winning DX11. Sales numbers don't lie, and Nvidia is still recovering from their GF100 fiasco.

Keep touting a $600 card... It's ok. That's a lot of money for a single-GPU video card. You can buy a couple of HD 6950's for that price and absolutely CRUSH a 3GB GTX 580. Who in their right mind would EVER buy a 3GB GTX 580? What a waste of money.

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Here's the thing: I'm just RIGHT. You guys can yell about "value" and link to the review sites that go out of their way to find a game and setting where the ATi card wins, but not one thing you can say trumps the above.
Here's one thing that trumps what you say: Value dictates the market.
Here's something else: Your "evidence" is using a 2GB GTX 460. The 2GB HD 6950 and 6970 are both faster and use their resources better.

All you're proving is that a couple HD 6970's in Crossfire, with 2GB of framebuffer each, is a better deal than a couple GTX 580's in SLI, each with 1.5GB of framebuffer. I don't think the 3GB GTX 580 falls into this category because it's $600. That's roughly 40% more expensive than the HD 6970 2GB, yet the performance difference between the 1.5GB GTX 580 and the 3GB GTX 580 in high resolution game play is marginal. It's like saying that a Geforce 9500 GT with 1GB framebuffer is superior to a GTX 460 with 768mb framebuffer. Memory means NOTHING unless you've got the architecture to handle it. Your evidence shows that games benefit from 2GB of framebuffer at super high resolutions. Sweet! I'll have 2 HD 6970's please. They're the clear winner in multi-monitor situations. I'll gladly take the faster system than a single 3GB GTX 580.

If everybody was willing to pay $600 for a 3GB GTX 580, Nvidia would be owning the market.... IF... but that doesn't matter. All that matters is what people ARE going to buy, and a 3GB GTX 580 will always be an uber enthusiast product that will only sell a handful of units. Get it? This is simple:

3GB GTX 580: $600
2x HD 6950 2GB: $600 - this one is A LOT faster.

Keep trying tRollo. You might have a break through soon.

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