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Originally Posted by Beavermatic View Post

I have just a 22'inch screen, i think it maxes out at 1680x1050

So your saying it would be dumb for me to get a gtx590, and just go with the gtx580?

That th gtx590, 6790's, etc are all for hi-res or multi screen support?
See what you started here? Just joking....I gamed at 1680x1050 up until a little over a month ago. Some games utilize the gpu much more heavily than others, then there's AA support etc which varies between games and which gpu you buy.

My humble recommendation is grab either the GTX 570 (preferred simply because I like Nvidia's drivers better) or the 6970 and call it a day. Either card will give you good support and a great gaming experience, even if you should move up to 1920x1080 with AA.

While a 580 would be more future proof, the future is never far off in the gaming/hardware world. I grabbed a 480 not long after release and it will last me just fine for at least a year at my gaming rez of 1920x1080 with a second 22" screen hooked up as well.

Buy one, enjoy it or sell and get the other if you aren't happy.

Just my humble $.02
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