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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09 View Post
You think this attitude is any different from the "brownnosing elitist assholes" (whatever that is supposed to mean)? Just because you take the polar opposite point of view doesn't make it any less obnoxious. Most WoW players either play solo or with their friends. Many of them are perfectly civil and will be receptive to requests for help, grouping for dungeons, etc. All of the complaints you have made about the game stem from your own attitude and unwillingness to try to get along with other people.

Almost NO good guilds have a large group of members that act high-and-mighty or better than other people. Players you encounter who belittle you or act rudely for no reason are usually pretty awful themselves and should simply be ignored. The vast majority of the time they are simply trolls - same thing, ignore them. Unless you play on a very low population server, you just aren't trying at all to meet like-minded people to enjoy the game with.

If you're just burned out on the game or don't enjoy it anymore, just cancel your subscription and stop playing. No reason to whine about the community and make broad generalizations when you're talking about a very specific and vocal minority of players.
I'm nost sure if I'm in a different WoW game but this hasn't been my experience. Pretty much anything you do and your worth in the game is dependent on your gear score. If you are not decked out in purples you might as well sit at the back of the bus. This game is really bad. I had all chat turned off except for guild chat. Yet you go into a pug and it is 50/50 if you will get a group of assholes. I had a group try to torment me into leaving because my warlock had a mp5 dagger. It was all I could get at the time and was in there for another dagger. Then they stat watched me the whole time telling me I was terrabad, horrible a baddie, go kill my self. I just laughed. It didn't bother me but it was pathetic. They finally kicked me just before the final boss. Wasn't any big deal as I said I laughed at them. That type of experience is cery common in WoW pugs. Yes I did group with my guild 99% of the time but when you pug it is pathetic to see people act like that.

Even though the community there sucks it didn't bother me much. My point is how pathetic and uncivil gamers are and especially WoW gammers.

I don't play WoW any more not because of the community but because I lost interest in it.

The only game I've played that is worse in attitude is Global Agenda. The community there has to be all the rejected banned assholes from WoW.
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