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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
No need to get into a flame war here guys.

I know what I want and that's 3 3GB 580s. Unfortunately that involves a new mainboard as well
AMD is simply out of question for me, it doesn't matter how good they scale and perform. iRacing, pretty much the only reason why I even boot the Gaming PC, runs perfectly good with SLI. Crossfire support is not there (yet). Plus I just had too many bad Crossfire experiences. I maybe start my PC 2-3 times a week so I just want it to work and not deal with annoying AMD issues like I had to when I last used them. Can't say if I'd run into the same or similar problems again - I simply don't want to find that out

Aren't you concerned you will spend $5 a year more on electricity for your $8000 computer?!?!

Doesn't it matter to you that 6970s are cheaper for ATi to make?!?!?!

Your buying metrics of "most performance and memory I can get because my displays require a lot of graphics performance and memory" baffle me.

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