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Default Re: GTX460 or save up for GTX 560 TI

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
Well the 5850 can be had for under 150 here and will OC to perform as a 5870.
Really? 150 pounds? That's like $242 USD.

The GTX 560 Ti is $250 and will outperform the 5870.

Originally Posted by candle_86 View Post
Well most intense game i play is GTAIV or CoJ2 lol. Others would be like WoW lol. Im looking to replace a dead 275 not upgrade from one. And alot of other review sites show the GTX 560 alot closer to the GTX 470 and 5870, namly techpowerup and guru3d. Not saying the review here is inaccuate, but from what ive seen there alot closer lol. Also being as GTA IV and CoJ BiB i could do 2048x1536 max'd out just fine im not looking for signifcantly better, a side grade would work for me even lol, i just have a dead BFG GTX 275
It depends on the test. For the tests in the review, my numbers are accurate. It's not like I did the test once and posted it. Each test was performed multiple times and averaged.

I stand by my numbers.
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