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Originally Posted by wheeljack12 View Post
if I were to buy amd, I would buy 1st gen dx11 amd (5870 2gb or 5970 4gb)or possibly a gtx 590. I don't like how there is less stream processors in gen 2 of amd along with less memory bandwidth. The higher clocks aren't making up for it. I thought that a new generations of cards are supposed to supercede the last. Why amd is taking a step back would make me a little worried that they can't outdo themselves. All nvidia does is make things faster and more efficent in their next gen, that's all. Yes, the gtx 580 is premium priced, but premium cards deserve their value for what they can do.
The new ATI cards are much much better at Tessellation. I have a feeling that will be one of the next big things. It makes a big difference, but is hard on the GPU. The 5 series sucks compared to the new 6 series at that. Otherwise the 5970 (if it is still in production) is still the fastest single card out there. Although a couple of 6950's unlocked and in crossfire would probably rape it.
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