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Default Re: Official 3DMark 11 Thread

Originally Posted by Greedo View Post
3DMark Score: P6210
Graphics score: 5850
Physics Score: 9437
Combined Score: 5910
GraphicsTest1: 25.09 fps
GraphicsTest2: 26.78 fps
GraphicsTest3: 36.41 fps
GraphicsTest4: 19.02 fps
PhysicsTest: 29.96 fps
CombinedTest: 27.49 fps

i7 920 @ 4.2
GTX 580 @ 820, 2100

score seems a bit low, but physics score is high...

some people have p9000+ scores on one card. is it because they have a gpu for physics also?

edit: turned off speedstep, took it to P6354
3dmark doesnt support physx any more. So nvidia wont have hugely inflated scores.

However, your score is spot on for a single 580.
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