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Default Re: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3: Graphics RAM battle?

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post

Here's an example out of PC world: The Radeon HD 4870 has 512mb of memory. The Geforce GTS 250 has 1GB of memory. Which one do you think is faster?

If you guessed the GTS 250, you'd be wrong. The HD 4870 is the faster card, regardless of the fact that it has 1/2 the memory.

Memory means nothing. The only time that video memory does anything is when the architecture supports it and is able to use it. In this case, both systems have different architectures.

Xbox360: Unified memory, less powerful CPU.
PS3: split memory, more powerful CPU.

The way I see it, the systems are that way because each company had a vision. Those visions were slightly different, and therefore, their systems were different too. I honestly can't answer those questions because I've never programmed a game for PS3 or Xbox360. What I can tell you is that both systems are a ***** to program for, and they require a lot of practice. PC is actually easier.

Hi Madpistol!

Thanks for the reply, but I think you are wrong in some parts, like when you say programming games for PC is easier. AFAIK, many or most game developers now use the same tools from the 360 to create a PC title, which in case doesn't apply for the PS3, unfortunately. So it is easier to program for the 360/PC, but extremely complex for multi-threaded PS3, which might also explain why most multiplatform games look so much worse on PS3 than on 360 (which is, not so much a hardware per hardware brute power problem, but a programming one instead). Plus, I am not sure I can agree with you when you say graphics memory doesn't mean much nowadays, since current games are demanding more and more high-def textures at such high resolutions and other dx-based effects, etc. I've heard game devs have been suffering a heck pain in the ass to fit everything in such narrow graphics memory space on this generation consoles, which has only 256/512MB for this. Take a look on the video comparison below, between PC Vs. Xbox 360 for Call Of Duty - Black Ops game: the difference is tremendous when it comes to usage of aniso, which the 360 appears to have any. Take a look also on the superior number of objects on-screen for the PC version. I believe all this is due to an increased RAM and a more modern dx-based version of course. But the biggest difference on this video is definitely the poor AF on Xbox 360 (look on the grounds), which I hate having to deal with, LOL.
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