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Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post

"Value dictates the market."
"Value dictates the market."
"Value dictates the market."
"Value dictates the market."
"Value dictates the market."

Although ignored, I have this to say to you:
1. Your logic in this thread has been flawed from the start. You used benchmarks on 580s with less VRAM in situations where VRAM might be a factor as evidence of better scaling. Exceeding framebuffer will lower averages. Had Hardware Heaven done those benches with the 3GB 580s I was recommending, the 6970s would have lost them all.

2. Value has components other than "similar framerates". Last night I was playing Just Cause 2 at 5760X1080 in 3d, with the CUDA enhanced water. The night before I was playing Mafia 2 at 57X10 in 3d with the PhysX effects. NVIDIA gives their users the ability to see the games with a more realistic look and feel.
I was doing this on my 2 X 2GB GTX560Ti set that cost me only $560.. That is value. If I spent $560 on some ATi cards, no 3d, no PhysX.
I have a dozen games that use Physx, and I really enjoyed Crysotasis, BatmanAA, MafiaII, and Metro2033. My son would add Mirror's Edge to that list. I enjoy almost EVERY game in 3d, and I have many optimized for it.,2672-10.html

In games that are “3D Vision-ready,” the experience is as profound as going from a 2D VGA card to a 3D graphics accelerator. I BS you not. If this technology didn’t have such a steep barrier to entry in its cost, I can guarantee you’d be all over it.
3. As the guy buying the cards noted, drivers that work without issue adds value as well. NVIDIA simply has better developer relations and most popular new games ship with SLi profiles and NVIDIA already having worked on compatibility with the developer. This is a big difference from ATi's reactive approach launching driver profiles after the gameshave been launched, sometimes weeks later. The fact they lock down the drivers and users can't create their own profiles compounds this.

Your definition of value is too narrow. ATi cards costs less because they offer less. Even if performance was exactly equal, NVIDIA cards would be the better buy for reasons I outlined above.

This isn't "trolling" -these are facts.
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