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Default HDMI output problems

I have an issue with hdmi output on my pc wit 8200m g.
The hdmi output works only with driver version less than 190 (in ms windows vista too).
Hdmi output doesn`t works with all drivers since 190, but with open-source driver nouveau - does - so i think the problem in the driver, not in cable or monitor.
I have tested this issue with Ubuntu (10.04 - 10.10) and Opensuse (11.3).

Say "hdmi does not work" i mean that:
1. In nvidia settings the second monitors is available with all correct options.
2. When I turn on second monitor in nvidia-settings - xrandr report correct resolution of two monitors and correct meta mode, i can drag windows on second monitor, but have no image on it. Monitor displays "No signal" message. Nvidia settings reports thats all fine.

I have written several messages with this bug report on some time ago and have no answer.

Please help to solve this problem.
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