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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey guys

@Nubee np bud hope the settings i use come closer to what your after for everyday flying

@Mark Yep a GUI for ENB would be pretty cool,i did download some russian guys gui for it off of the enb forums but it just crashed when i ran it,as all the values are just in a ini/txt file a GUI wouldnt be that hard to code for it....maybe something i'll look at in the future

Talking of GUI's im making good headway with Shade (as my mod is now offically titled!) all the buttons and there fuctions are inplace (backup/restore/install) & i have an Light/Mid/Dark shadows selection radio button/option (i might change the radio button to a slider just for you though mark ) with a preview pic that changes to show how each looks option looks in-sim its pretty simple but gets the job done, run/backup/pick an option/ & i hope to have something like a beta for you guys to check out by next weekend i like to get everything pretty much tested out on my own systems before i hand stuff out for testing

I look forward to hearing your report on the 560ti mark....ive been hovering over the buy button for one for a few days now btshop has them for 190 delivered but i think im gonna hold off for a week or 2 to see if AMD's price push sways NV....btw i saw this at avsim might just be right up your buds street if he likes his A.I. maxed out

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