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Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Roadhog were trying to make my point or yours with those graphs?

I can buy the racing game is a good victory for the 6970s, but the 33.7 fps vs 33.5 might be sort of hard to discern at Civ V. Those 2/10 of a fps are the difference!
And at Metro, human eyes can't tell the difference with that whole extra 2fps can they?

But my oh my look at how utterly and completely dominated the 6970s are at Mafia2 and Battlefield Bad Company!

So on your apples to apples graphs we've got a big win for ATi on one, two ties, and two big wins for NVIDIA. Advantage: NVIDIA

Thanks for helping!
I am really curious how big the stick that is up your ass must be. It has to be at least 5ft diameter.

You should read your previous post. You said nVidia won 4/5 games. Yet, when I show that in the apples to apples there isn't a difference you all of a sudden come out with how 2fps doesn't matter and more. You seriously need some help dude. Your attitude I'm sure scares more people away from nVidia than towards.

My first ATI card was a 9700 pro, then after that I owned all nVidia cards. After nVidia decided to be gay and remove the physx when an ATI card was in the system that's when I swaped to ATI with a 5870 and now 6970. If they never did that I'm sure I would still be owning nVidia cards.
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