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Default Re: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3: Graphics RAM battle?

Originally Posted by prankstare View Post
Oh, now I know why distant objects look so bad on the 360. You really solved the puzzle man! One of the little few things I have to complain about this console's graphics is exactly that and the little use of tesselations. Other than that, Xbox 360 could almost be compared side by side with PC platform IMO, but not bad for a 5 year-old hardware.

One more thing: do you think having unified memory architecture is really more efficient than the usual split pool memory found on the PS3?.
In terms of just bandwidth unified memory is inferior, but as we know x360 has edram and that does help a lot.
In terms of flexibility unified is superior, although on case of x360 edram hinders this a quite a lot.

Biggest difference distant objects is how developers use their LoD and memory, so we cannot really say what machine is better in this case until we get definite answer from developers.

Tesselation is relatively new puzzle as it increases shading cost hugely due to the quad based shading cost and a basic cost of vertex transforming and calculating displacements.
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