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Originally posted by SurfMonkey
The 2.5 months was plucked from the speculation tree But also with the rumour of the R350 announced to compete with the NV30. The R300 is, what, one month old now? If the NV30 is announced mid November and so is the R350 then that will be roughly 2.5 months.

Even though the card isn't released you are effectively saying the previous model is now out of date and requires a refresh.
The R300 is about 6 weeks old, from the date when the very first cards were available (though not widely so).

You really think the NV30 will be released (available) early-mid November, even with the new rumors piling on about problems with TSMC etc.? Personally, I feel that if just a few NV30's are actually available for purchase before the new year, that would be a huge moral victory for nVidia. In reality, I don't expect that to happen. Thus, if the R350 were to come out late January/early February to compete with the NV30, that would be 5 months. nVidia has released a "refresh" within that time frame in the past, so it wouldn't be unheard of. Was NV saying the GF3 Ti was "out of date" when they released the GF4? (BTW, I really don't expect an R350 that soon... perhaps a "9700 Ultra" but I kind of doubt that as well. I expect them to hold off an launch a proper R350 in the March timeframe.)
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