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Default Re: Accelero XTREME Plus for GTX 480

Originally Posted by Shocky View Post
Installed this cooler on my GTX580 today so im curious about that Ghost girl, but everything seems fine so far, keeping load temps below 60C with a 900/2100 overclock.

Needs more voltage to do 950 or more, limited to 1.138v.

Is it worth flashing the card to unlock higher voltage?
You'll need to flash your BIOS. Its really a simple affair. I don't want to be responsible for any damages to your card so I won't tell you anything specific myself, but I can give you this:

Once my thermal adhesive arrives, I'll have tons of new content for you gents. My card is flashed for 1.213v, and can do 900mhz at stock voltage. This card is going to be great once I get it set up.
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