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Default Re: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3: Graphics RAM battle?

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Are you even being serious? In what aspect does PS3 have a significant performance advantage over 360?
Isn't that just the way things are?

Xbox 360
3.2 GHz Xenon processor
3 dual-threaded cores
Maximum 77 GFlops

3.2 GHz Cell processor
7 single-threaded cores (plus 1 backup core)
Maximum 230 GFlops

The newer 360's cpu/gpu is gimped to perform like the old models which is lame, Newer games could have higher framerates and just have the fsb block on a switch or something for compatibility, obviously I don't know **** though.

I also think the consoles hold each other back because of the different way they work to each other forcing devs to take the lowest common denominators of each ,
one has lower bandwidth and a slower CPU but the other has less disposable ram so to get a game to work easily on both you have the cut corners on both ends...
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