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Default Re: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3: Graphics RAM battle?

Originally Posted by jlippo View Post
In terms of just bandwidth unified memory is inferior, but as we know x360 has edram and that does help a lot.
In terms of flexibility unified is superior, although on case of x360 edram hinders this a quite a lot.

Biggest difference distant objects is how developers use their LoD and memory, so we cannot really say what machine is better in this case until we get definite answer from developers.

Well, I am just assuming if the main 512MB is unified, then there'd be less than actual 512MB for graphics than a system with 512MB "dedicated" for graphics (like PS3 has, but only 256MB in this case).

I own a 360 Slim and the LoD in most games is ridiculous, in my opinion. The PS3 is a bit superior on this matter.

"keep up" lol. when coded for exclusively ps3 is more capable than xbox
Hey, I'm not sure I get it right, but this could be true only because of the massive blu-ray storage space, which allows PS3 to have some advantage in few exclusive titles, mainly due to compression rates and how much devs can put onto a disc (remember N64 cartridges, LoL). Even so, either the PS3 GPU/Memory would be the bottleneck or devs being lazy to optimize them.

Originally Posted by XDanger
Xbox 360The newer 360's cpu/gpu is gimped to perform like the old models which is lame, Newer games could have higher framerates and just have the fsb block on a switch or something for compatibility, obviously I don't know **** though.
What? Gimped? You mean capped?

AFAIK, Xenos CPU is capable of up to 115.2 GFLOPs whereas Cell is up to 204 GFLOPs and only 6 SPE's available, not 7.
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