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Here's to hoping that ATI hardware memory usage will be added soon. It would be cool to see which games use the most video memory.

Yes, nvidia finally added API for monitoring VRAM usage and GPU usage. And yes, it will be added in future releases. But I'd like to clearly menion that nothing changed and there are still NO ways for user mode applications to know how much VRAM is in use via unified approaches. So it will start working on NVIDIA side "again" only because NVIDIA decided to contribute in this area and provided an API for accessing internal NV driver's videomemory manager statistics. So it will be available only on NVIDIA cards and only with 19x.xx series drivers, where this new API is available. ATI users may forget about getting it working "again", until ATI decide to do the same and provide access to their videomemory manager.
Boo hiss on AMD.
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