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Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post

I'm running 7 Ultimate and my folk's computer has 7 Pro on it. And the built-in Remote Desktop is what I was referring to. I just don't know how to connect to their rig. Like I said, can do it over a LAN- but over an internet connection not too sure how to go about that.

Hmm... I actually set them up with their entire setup- computer (built it for them), home network, file/printer sharing, etc... but can't recall what router they have. I'll see if I can figure that out. Would probably be a good first step.

Now what about their modem or ISP- wont that have a part to play in this?

Oh and thanks ya'll for the help. Really liking Logmein but if I can do the same thing for free- why not?
If they have a modem it won't work. It must be a router, and one that is not too basic.

If you get me a router model type i will post some info on how to do it.

I could get a screen shot off one of ours at work, but it will just be confusing unless you have the same router.
pm if you want to.
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