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Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Yeah- see? If it were only a router they'd not have internet access and I'd be on the same LAN as they are. Instead I'm several hundred miles away wanting to remote access into their computer using Remote Desktop via mine and their internet connection.

I had a hunch doing this over an internet connection would be difficult. The whole thing about their ISP shaking hands with my ISP, their modem playing well with my modem, then dealing with my router in relation to theirs... maybe I'm better off just using logmein.

I guess... what would you recommend? Right now logmein is working great- I actually love the tools and monitoring utilities it provides. Depending on the monthly fee I'm contemplating subscribing however, I just hoped I could use Remote Desktop and do the same for free.

Hmm... I am using the pro trial. Guess I need to research the difference between the pro and basic subscription. If the basic will suffice then I'll likely just go with that.

Thanks again guys. Really do appreciate all the feedback and suggestions.
I don't understand why you need a modem , when your parents are behind a router.
the router will conect directly to the isp, and is therefore always on.
you would then either have a dynamic ip address or fixed ip.

its really simple to do port forwarding.
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