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Originally Posted by Albo View Post
The basic allows everything (one would need), I can log on their PC whenever I want (as long as its online). And its free. I don't even know what Paid would include, because I can do everything I need to in the free version.
Hmm... might go this route then. Still gonna' dig around a bit more regarding Remote Desktop/Remote Access.

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Omg there is nothing complicated about it. If they have a working internet connection and you have a working internet connection there will be no problems. Have your parents download teamviewer, and you download it too. Then both run it, you don't even have to install it if you don't want to. Then just get their info from it and then you have remote access.

There is nothing complex about this...
I'm doing that now- only with Logmein. Why should I switch over especially if logmein is free and working fine? Pro's/cons in other words.

And using Remote Desktop/Access without a web-based client such as Logmein or teamviewer, that is a bit more difficult as I'd be the one configuring the ports with their router and likely mine. Or so it seems.

Originally Posted by Rigel4 View Post
I don't understand why you need a modem , when your parents are behind a router.
the router will conect directly to the isp, and is therefore always on.
you would then either have a dynamic ip address or fixed ip.

its really simple to do port forwarding.
How does the coaxial from the wall connect to the router? The signal coming from the ISP (Cable provider) has to have some way of interfacing with the router. Routers only have your power connector and then RJ-45 connectors. Cable television and internet uses coaxial, not an RJ-45 connection. In essence, if I understand it correctly the Modem is the gateway device to the ISP for the home network.
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