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Default Re: GTX570 pretty loud?

Originally Posted by lapino View Post
Well, not sure about that. It's an Antec Sonata III case, with a 120mm fan for the cpu. After about 5mins Furmark, temp is up to 89C, fan speed at 79%. Idle temp is around 70C, fan speed at around 55%.

Might be not enough airflow in my case, have considered getting a bigger case with one or two more 120mm fans.
Your first problem is you're using Furmark. I'm pretty certain you won't see those temps or fanspeeds playing any game that does not have the word "Crysis" or "Metro" in the title. (those will still be easier on your gpu than Furmark, but will be worst case for games)

The second is you have a small case built for silence, as others have noted. If you want to buy a good case for airflow you'll add fan noise there as well usually, so you trade one of the other to some extent. I like my Cosmos 1010 as a case with decent airflow, some sound insulation. I have a HAF932 with better airflow also, but it's louder.

"Pretty loud" depends on your perspective- the 570s aren't "loud" for high end cards. In general, the only high end cards that are quiet are watercooled or have elaborate aftermarket cooling.
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