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Originally Posted by Rigel4 View Post
Explain what i don't know about networking or portforwarding or open open ports.



logmein are those of you who don't know how to configure routers, lmao
I think Roadhog said that because of your comment about not needing a modem.

We're not talking Dial-up here, but cable internet. You have to have a cable modem to establish the connection to your cable provider. Same thing with DSL, same with Satellite.

If I were to be visiting my parents right now and I disconnected their modem they'd lose internet connectivity. Connect the router to the cable connection... well, how? Two completely different interfaces. One is coaxial (cable), the other is RJ-45 (ethernet).

The modem, if I understand this all correctly, is the gateway that allows you to connect to the ISP. Without it, you cannot connect.

Now, you could likely get a router with a built in cable modem- but the modem is still present.

Maybe I'm doing a terrible job of explaining myself. Wouldn't be the first time.
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