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Default Re: GTX570 pretty loud?

Originally Posted by lapino View Post
I have a Gigabyte GTX570 with the stock cooler. Runs absolutely silent as long as I'm not gaming, but as soon as I'm into a game, the noise ramps up pretty fast with the GTX becoming the loudest part (by far) in my almost silent pc. Is this normal? Anything I can do about this?
If the card gets warm, yes, it will have the fan ramp up a fair bit.

Using a 3'rd party item, such as EVGA's precision tool, you can change up the fan speeds at different temperatures.

The card is definitely audible when under load, but when I had mine, I never saw it hit those temperatures. I think the max I got to was 79C, and that was with Folding at Home running in the background all the time.

The card definitely is louder than my older 4870 and my current 580, but it should not be obtrusively so.

You might want to re-check your systems air-flow to help cool things down more and better. That's about all I can suggest.
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