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Default GeForce2 on Inspiron 4100

Hi All,
I am struggling to get the Nvidia
drivers running on a Dell laptop with a GeForce2
Go chip. I've got slackware 7.1 running kernel
2.4.5 with XFree 4.0.1. I downloaded and built
the source distribution without trouble, and
lsmod reports NVDriver loaded, but X crashes.
I have a maximally verbose log file, but I
thought I would first see if there was any
interest in it, and post it only on request.
The chip is detected, and there are few errors,
but the log ends with:

(--) Chipset GeForce2 Go found
(II) Found 1 PCI NVIDIA devices

Fatal server error:
Caught signal 4. Server aborting

Any suggestions? One problem I have noted
is the lack of the special device files. I
have found no documentation on their creation.
Does anyone know what signal 4 is?

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