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Default Re: Palit 2GB GX560Ti's and NV Surround

Originally Posted by JH24 View Post
Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it.

Unfortunately the computershop couldn't deliver a Palit card on the last moment, they're now offering to replace it with a MSI 560 GTX Twin Frozr II instead. I have to let them know if I accept tomorrow at the latest.
On the cooling end, I can tell you I'd rather have that TwinFrozr for a HSF. I tried a 10% over stock overclock on the Palits, and it crashed on me.

Now that was after hours of 3d Surround gaming, and you likely won't be hammering on the GTX560(s) like I was, but I'd still take the stock OC on that MSI card over the 2GB on the Palit if I was gaming at 19X12 and below.

Other than failing the OC uber-torture test, the 2GB GTX560s continue to impress. Very playable at 57X10, and with 3d Vision possible as well, definitely my pick for "bang for buck" surround.

Bought DeadRising 2 (which is optimized for 3D Vision) yesterday, having some fun beating 3d zombies with guitars and wheelchairs.
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