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Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
360 demo was pretty darn uninteresting. I think most PC gamers will consider this game totally lackluster and tripe, which is why they are 'hiding it' and not putting out a demo.

Test the full demo folks, then buy if you like it, you know that's what Mark Rein is wanting anyway. He'll be watching those torrent downloads like fox.
Nah, i mean name me a game that has a demo on PC in the last 6 month, that is not a Indie game?

Even Crysis 2 on PC don't have a demo (and i doubt it will have one before the release of the game..)

Personally, i use Onlive to test a game i want (if they have it) most of the time you can test a game for 30 minutes. Did that for AC2 and bought it at the Xmas Steam Special. I wish company would do that for their game..
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