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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

I fitted the 560ti (using the 266.66 drivers) and I'm reasonably impressed, considering FSX is the only thing he runs on his machine [i7 920 @ 3.5ghz - 6GB RAM - Win Vista 64bit], and therefore the only thing I had compare. Although the max frame rate he was getting has not changed much, the minimum has improved by quite a margin... the frame rate is also much more stable, avoiding the wild swings he was getting with the 8800gt, and it's very happy to run with an 'Unlimited' rate. Had it been my machine I would have done some more defined tests, which sadly I didn't get the chance to do here.... he thinks the difference is very noticeable, and is very happy.

At one point over Orbx YMML with 75% Airline traffic the frame rate was around 33fps - reducing it to 0% and the frame rate was 55fps, so I will pass that AI optimizer on to him, as that is a major hit... it does look good having the gates full of aircraft.

Looking forward to 'Shade' [] Steve.. slider an all - just drop me a line when and if you need some testing. Have you approached any resellers yet, or are you waiting until it's complete?... assuming your going that route?..

Nice to see Lance back too - love the Spit shot... I have the RealAir version, and won't get this, even though it's clearly better… cannot justify the expense sadly. A different beast, but A2A’s Cub [with Accusim] is my favourite AC so I’m sure this is of equal, if not better quality.
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