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Default Re: Palit 2GB GX560Ti's and NV Surround

Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
Compared to the 570's, overall faster, slower, in the middle performance?
The 570s are faster, but not enough so they're going back in. Going to sell the 570 I bought for $350, it's on the FS board now.

The hitching I encountered on some games and settings on the 570s and the research I've done into the subject since lead me to think 1.5GB is needed for 98% of gaming at 57X10, and 2GB+ is nice to have in isolated instances. If I ever buy a couple more 3007s, I'll only settle for 3GB cards.

I will say this as well- the 5870 "EyeFinity Editions" suffer from some false advertising. A single 5870 has nowhere near the stones to run three monitor, much less six. I wonder how many people bought one of them only to buy another? OTOH, as the 560s trump a 5970 by a much closer margin, that is a decent Eyefinity rig for three cards.

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