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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey Guys

Nice to see the return of Lance to the FSXworld but dear dear me are those default clouds i spy marring that lovely A2A SF shot! shame on you sir

Thanks for the feedback on the 560ti mark,glad i didnt push the buy button for one on friday night now........Because i just snagged an open box inno3d 570 gtx from ebuyer for 210 delivered! at that price i thought it would be rude not to buy it hehe cant wait to try it out and get my LOD radius pumped up to as soon as its in and setup

I have to say that i have a new found respect for programmers! all these and if then func end case exit ect ect are driving me crazy! & yes im afraid im still going to go payware with Shade (beta testers get a freecopy of course)i want to get it finished & tested before shopping it around and i need to take a look at various fs e-shops to see how much pie they want for there services

Im sure some ppl out there in FS land will moan about how stuff like this should be freeware & TBH i tend to agree but hey ive done quite a bit of freeware stuff over the past few years and im sure i will again but i think this might be a good "test the payware waters" app and i hate to say it again but it sure is better that some of the crap out there in FSX payware land!

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