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Default Re: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3: Graphics RAM battle?

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
My stance, the 360 is better on paper and I believe has slightly more potential in practice... mainly because of being far less restricted by VRAM. The PS3 has proven to bring some better looking games to the table simply because of developer talent.
Despite my little knowledge on the subject, my guess would be a bit different: 360 is better in practice, but in theory, PS3 could deliver much more, and not just because of developers, but due to its powerful set of SPE's. I am a bit intrigued though trying to understand how they can overcome the lack of memory with the use of the remaining SPE's and manage to release some better looking games on the PS3 (if there isn't physical memory, where is it caching extra textures for example)..

I don't know if it's just placebo or not, but the more I read and research about the Cell CPU, the stumped I get:
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