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Default Re: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3: Graphics RAM battle?

Originally Posted by abcgamer View Post
PS3 is superior Cell processor can handle gfx instruction You can notice that with PS3 exclusive games like Killzone, God of war3 etc ...

PS3 has 8 SPE out of which 6 can be used and all post processing effect are handle by them. Since god of war3 they managed to do even aa on it. So RSX can do more things.
All processors can handle gfx 'instructions' traditionally the only problem is the bus between graphics card and GPU and all that API s*** between them.
Both x360 and ps3 do not have that problem.

Also SPUs are used for a lot more than just post processing, including lighting in tiled deferred rendering and so on. (Uncharted2, Battlefield3..)
This requires careful planning though so it is not seen in every title, but it really has given a lot of possibilities for developers.
RSX simply is not that good GPU when comparing to almost anything at the time of release, it simply has numerous performance pitfalls.
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