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Default AMD64/1.0-4499/AGP bug

I, too, am having the 'failed to verify AGP usage' bug on the 1.0-4499 drivers. Is there anyone at NV that I can get in contact with WRT this issue? I'd be happy to test a new build, or a fix/patch to the current release.

AMD Athlon64 3200+
MSI K8T Neo FIS2R (K8T800) (Bug also occurs on another K8T800 board and two NF3s, and I have reports of this problem on AMD chipsets as well.)
GeForceFX 5900 Ultra

Gentoo AMD64
XFree 4.3.0

log and config attached.
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File Type: log xfree86.0.log (28.4 KB, 148 views)
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