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Default Re: You want to know why I buy AMD CPUs?

Not to be a complete dick... but the dual core 775's have been EOL for 3 years now. Of course their prices will go up. Also, heard it all before, "value"... Better than the low and mid range offerings at the same price.

You know why intel prices the i7 series so expensive? ... there's no competition. Seriously, there's no competition in speed and overclocking potential. If you compare a "high end" part from each manufacturer it's not even a comparison.

Also... I have used an AMD before, Had an Opteron 165. It was my first (only) dual core and was great.... Great "value". I was also in highschool and had no money. I also bought this Q6600 for the same price as that 165.... You know why? "Value" .... AMD had no comparable offering at $165 when I bought this cpu. Their Phenom II line wasn't out and everything about the AMD lineup sucked.

So yes, you're right.... for now. The value meter will shift back to intel eventually and truthfully AMD only grabs that "value" win when they're at their best... at their worst, 3-4 years ago, when they don't have a competing product they're just flat out the cheapest with no comparable value per dollar.
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