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Default Re: Core i7 Overclocking thread

Originally Posted by Siskods9 View Post
Using Coretemp64 - Idle is between 48 ~ 51C, Load never goes above 86C (That was on 3D Mark 11)
See how low you can go with the voltages. Your current voltage seems way too high. At first I was hitting 1.35V and my temps were getting up to 85C. After toning back the voltage, my chip doesn't go above 74C at full load.

Also I know it seems counterproductive, but a lot of these chips can hit 4GHz without breaking a sweat, but need a good amount of extra voltage to go beyond 4GHz. You may want to consider scaling back some if you can lower the voltage a good deal. That will keep temperatures lower and prolong the chip's life.
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