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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
It was all I could get at the time and was in there for another dagger.
lawl what a baddie

I was doing extremely well when I quit. I was a bear tank for PvE and within a month of cata I was doing heroics without using CC anymore. In fact I started doing raid heroics just as I quit. I also hit 2300 rating in arenas.

I like the direction they are taking endgame content (e.g. heroics are no longer faceroll) but the middle game content, or that which you do while not raiding, was just getting so boring I couldn't stand it anymore.

World PvP took a turn for the worse once they started buffing the guards in the pvp hot spots. Basically the devs were just saying "We don't want you to world pvp anymore unless you go to one designated zone called Tol Barad." Bleh. Can't gank in faction cities because the guards just rip you apart. Can't gank in neutral towns for the same reason. IMO they may as well just make all servers PvE servers. I only did arena just to get gear for world pvp, so there was not really any reason to do arena anymore. Same thing with BG's which I got really tired of.

Overall the game is just pants now, not for me anymore.
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