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Default Re: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3: Graphics RAM battle?

I have both and can say that many of the multiple console titles look better on the 360, mainly because they were probably developed on that platform or the PS3 developers were lazy.

Two examples are Ghostbusters and Red Dead Redemption. However, this isn't the case on all multi console ports.

The first party AAA titles on the PS3 look AMAZING, like GoW3, Uncharted 1/2 and GT5. GT5 looks amazing on the PS3. Nothing on the 360 looks as good as these 3 titles.

Overall, I think the PS3 has better graphics IF the developers put the effort in and that typically only happens on Sony's own titles. This is kind of how it is on the Wii. All the Nintendo made games are awesome, 3rd party, not so much.
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