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Default Re: No hdmi video on Asus AT3N7A-I with versions newer than 195.36.31

Originally Posted by mh9 View Post

Correct. I can only get 1360x768 when using a vga cable, but I am not worried about this. The only reason we brought this second display into the mix was to verify the issue wasn't chipset related.

Correct. And from all my testing, it appears to me, something in the driver changed immediately after 195.36.31. The next version of the driver (can't recall the number right now, but I did test it) or anything newer thinks it is working and the Xorg logs are effectively identical but the TV gives a "weak or no signal" message.

Another note that might be important. Usually, I can shutdown X, install a driver, start X and the display comes up. However, after installing one of these new drivers, start X, no display, stop X, install 195.36.31 driver, start X...doesn't work. Must completely reboot machine before X will work again.

I get the same thing - have you tried custom modelines?
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