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Default Re: Freeze/X lockup during VDPAU playback

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
I just ran the clip through twice and didn't see any issue. Given that, and given that your issues don't always appear in the same place in a specific clip, I'd argue that there's some generic system stability issue. VDPAU probably exposes this simply because it's using the system more; transferring more data from the CPU to GPU for example.
If you couldn't reproduce a bug doesn't mean that there is no bug. It appears very randomly on different system configurations with different nvidia cards in random places in video. I've tried 8600GTS, 240GT) and got the same bug with all 256.*,260.*,270.* drivers with different versions of X server.

Here another thread about this bug:

If you google you'll find a lot more post about it.
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