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Originally posted by Smokey
Nice scores, the P4 really helps with the mem scores

But Im happy to see that my Maxtor 40GB w2mb cache keeping up with 8mb cache hard drives

Also keep in mind my cpu is only at 2.1GHz vs your 3.6GHz, the 'ole Barton doesnt do too bad.
If you honestly believe

AGPx2, I think if you want a more accurate reading of this then PCMark04 should be it. Due to it supports for newer hardware and chipsets. And I wasn't clocked at 3.6Ghz but But that is another problem too as it shows me clocked @ Intel Pentium 4 3420 MHz

I thought there might be an update, but there wasn't. I hope they don't treat PCMark04 the same, especially after reading MikeC's Preview on the front page.

Not going to say anything bad about either, though I don't think either are all that great IMHO.

*Run that badboy on PCMark04, let's see how it does there.


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