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Default Re: Official Test Drive Unlimited 2 thread

Thanks for the review Maxthreat. You basically confirmed everything I thought. All of those issues were present in the beta, I even posted the issue about the car stalling at anything under 15mph cause the clutch just unloads on their forums. Also, the car will probably stall if you still have the car in gear and your speed falls below about 15mph.

I didn't expect much out of them when they only had a beta for like 3 days. Given their poor record at fixing stuff in the first one, they backed that up for the second. It really sucks cause the game could be good but they miss on the important part. I could live with poor audio, no TrackIR support and some of the other cosmetic issues, but if you can't control the car then the main function of the game is broken.

Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
Definitely wait for some patches. It's not worth buying as it is now.
They only did one patch for the first one, and it was so they could add some DLC. They made the audio worse after they patched it. A lot of people used a hack so they could keep the audio from 1.0 but use the two new cars in 1.66A.
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