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Default Re: Whole Home Wired Networking

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Has anyone done it here? How difficult is it to set up? Im thinking about doing it for my house, would make it a lot easier to share files between my different systems.
its quite easy, just get a fish tape to fish the wire threw the walls. Get yourself a pair of wire crimper's and a box of cat 6 cable and some punch down blocks for the walls. Also, you are going to need a simple cable tester to make sure each wire is connected if you don't feel confident in doing it yourself, see if you can find someone to guild you. There is nothing more sucky then to have a loose wire in a punchdown block thats causing you to drop your connection.
If you really want some serious bandwidth then go with two dropdowns from your two pc's to a switch and aggregate two nics to double your bandwidth.
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