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Default Re: 570 GTX SLI Questions

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
PhysX adds something worth having in Metro and B:AA, but with Mirrors Edge and others I've played it's a bit meh. GenL still working sweet here
And this is the point I am trying to make.

I'm not saying that PhysX, 3DVision Surround, 3d Vision or forcing ambient occlusion work perfectly in every game, or even most games. It's all over the board how much they add to the experience, and even that will be subjective to the player.

For you, Batman AA and Metro 2033 were improved by PhysX, and maybe a game or two released this year will be as well.

I played Mafia 2 all the way through in 3d Vision Surround with PhysX on.

My son loves Mirrors Edge and might like it less without the glass and cloth effects.

What we all have in common is using these features was possible because NVIDIA brought them to games for their customers. Our experinence wouldn't have been as good playing the games on ATi cards.

As the NVIDIA cards offer comparable performance at comparable prices, why would anyone lock themselves out of features that you can find people saying all over the net they like?

What does ATi offer you in return for locking yourself out of all the NVIDIA features that you can't get on ATi cards?

Single GPU EyeFinity? Hate to break it to you all, but I've been doing some 1080P surround gaming with two 2GB GTX560s, and I can tell you going down the power ladder wasn't what I would hope for. The two 560s are a lot more powerful than a 6970, and I found I had to make choices at times on whether I could run AA or not, or 3d, depending on the game.

In a nutshell, I'd say the 560s at 1080P surround surprised me at how much they could do, but I was never thinking "Man these things are so powerful you could probably run a 20+ % slower 6970 and be just as happy!". Eyefinity/Surround take some serious graphics power, I think that single GPU Eyefinity is a myth except for 2d desktop IMO.

When you take that out of the equation, what does ATi have left to offer gamers as a reason to buy their parts over NVIDIA's? Pipedreams of OpenCL physics to come? High school science project 3d gaming? Blur-o-Vision MLAA?
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